Life So Sweet (A Slice of Cake Promo Single) Artwork & Tracklisting

1. Life So Sweet ft. Bashwon, Mallz, Crew54, Kakalak GAT, Epiphany Blu, & Lex
2. Life So Sweet (Instrumental)
3. The Essence ft. Rashid Hadee, K-Hill, Keisha Shontelle, Diablo Archer, & MicSource
4. The Essence (Instrumental)
5. Cakin' (Good Money) ft. T.W.I.C.E. & Deal The Villain

So this is going to be my 1st official release, put out courtesy of Rock The Dub. Still putting the finishing touches on it, but should be ready to be put out shortly!

Dj Spinna Studio Tour

One of my favorite Dj's/Producers, Spinnna's vinyl collection is gigantic. I'm jealous

The World's Biggest Hypocrite

oh man, after all that trash talking I did...and take a guess about which cd is actually missing from this purchase.

I'm going to hip hop hell

Ipod Shuffle Sundays

Sunshine (Intro) 1:15 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Sunshine 4:38 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
If I Was A Bird 5:09 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Say Yes (Intro) 1:05 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Say Yes 5:57 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Getting Late 4:47 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Butterflies 4:29 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Floetic 4:20 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Hey You 5:52 Floetry Floacism "Live" Neo Soul
Get Me Home ft. Blackstreet 3:49 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
If I... 3:43 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
Ill Na Na ft. Method Man 3:07 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
No One's 3:43 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
Fox Boogie ft. Kid Capri 4:32 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
I'll Be ft. Jay-Z 2:59 Foxy Brown ILL NA NA Rap/R&B
What We Do ft. Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z 3:49 Freeway Philadelphia Freeway Rap 1 8/12/09 10:58 AM
All My Life ft. Nate Dogg 5:31 Freeway Philadelphia Freeway Rap
Cross The Line ft. Faith Evans 4:02 Freeway Philadelphia Freeway Rap
Alright ft. Allen Anthony 5:24 Freeway Philadelphia Freeway Rap
Beautiful Skin 6:11 Goodie Mob Still Standing Rap
Things We Do 3:25 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Zoom Ft Phat Kat 2:45 Slum Village Detroit Deli
Closer ft. Dwele 4:07 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Its on Ft Mc Breed 3:46 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
The Hours 2:26 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Count Da Ways Ft Dwele 4:36 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Dirty Ft Dirt Mcgirt 3:40 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Do You Ft Mc Breed 3:37 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Hood Hoes 3:37 Slum Village Detroit Deli Hip-Hop
Buck'em ft. Sticky Fingers 2:44 Snoop Dogg Top Dogg Rap
Don't Tell 4:47 Snoop Dogg Top Dogg Rap
08 That Day feat. Muhsinah 3:33 oddisee Odd Summer EP Hip Hop 1 5/29/09 10:50 AM
03 Sand To The Beach 5:02 oddisee Odd Summer EP Hip Hop
American Dream (Pinoccio Story) Part II feat Decay 3:24 Rashid Hadee Chopped Not Screwed Vol. 1: 808s & Hadee Hip-Hop/Rap
Someday (Remix) 4:22 Rashid Hadee
Cut You Loose (Produced By Mr. Porter) 4:43 Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse Rap 1 8/6/09 11:55 PM
Searchin' Freestyle 2:29 St Joe Louis 30,000 ft. High And Rising Hip-Hop
Vision Test 3:03 St Joe Louis 30,000 ft. High And Rising Hip-Hop 2 8/23/09 4:01 AM
Sydney 3:00 TiRon feat. Ayomari Ketchup (mixed by DJ Low Key) Hip-Hop 3 4/10/09 9:38 AM
My Heart & I 1:26 14KT Nowalataz LP Instrumental

Mr. Beatz & Lyriq2go (Brokn Englsh) Freestyle @ Fresh Daily's Album Release

Mr Beatz & Lyriq2go from Brokn Englsh Freestyling during Fresh Daily's Gorgeous Killer In Crimes Of Passion Album Release and In-store performance @ Fatbeats in New York City on August 18th, 2009.

The essence is still here, find it.

Slow Down - Daniel Joseph (Prod. By Ment Plus)

Slow Down - Daniel Joseph (Prod. By Ment Plus)

Off Daniel Joseph's upcoming EP, "Mission Impossible". First heard this dude on the "Summer Madness" joint featuring Daniel Joseph, Fresh Daily, & Produced by Dj Spinna. Very good dude, Super Talented MC...someone tell him we need to do a track! peace peace.

Summer Madness Pt. 1

Summer Madness Pt.2

Never Knew Ft. V-Zilla (Prod. By The Jake)

Never Knew Ft. V-Zilla (Prod. By The Jake)

Alright, The Blog is back. I was gonna transfer my blog to a website, but that kind of sort of didn't work out the way I wanted so I'm back on blogspot for now. Anyways, I hit up V-Zilla on twitter a couple days ago and sent him some music, he picked out a beat, and not even 24 hours later he sent this track back. Beautiful Music!!!

Pete Rock Rockin' The Pipe Dream & A Promise Tee

Ridiculous, glad to see Finale's name out there. If you haven't picked it up yet, you can get A Pipe Dream & A Promise off amazon or itunes.

Finale - Heat

De Weekend

Knights Nightmare - Nintendo DS

The Hangover

Both are awesome. I would recommend going to see the Hangover and if you're into RPG's, Knights Nightmare is one of the best i've played in a long time...especially on a hand held. I think i'm gonna become a Nintendo DS RPGer.

J-Live - The Upgrade Mixtape

I'm not sure exactly what this mixtape is, but i'm on it lol!

J.R. & PH7 - Top Rank feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk
Thaione Davis - Problems feat. Rashid Hadee & Melatone
The Primeridian - Drop It
Adad - Smoke It Out
Prob Cause - Designated Hit feat. Wes Restless
The Jake - Greatest Man Alive
Buff1 - Go Off
Jacorey - Bang Bang feat. AWDAZCATE
J-Live - Longevity (Headrush Remix)
The Jake - Hustla Muzik
Asher Roth - Y.O.U. feat. Slick Rick
Breeze Brewin' - Bumpy Johnson
The Jake - The Ghetto
Tony Ozier - Futuristic Soul
La Coka Nostra - Choose Your Side feat. Bun B
Random (Mega Ran) - Spread the Love
The Cool Kids - Looseleaf Paper
Longshot - So High
Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, & Lil' Wayne
Adad - Blown
Mulatto Patriot - The General feat. Pugs Atomz
Prob Cause & the DH - DH
Recordkingz - Heat feat. Mobb Deep
M.O.P. - Blow the Horns
Dumhi - The Combo feat. Mash Comp & Vex Blizzy
J-Live - The Upgrade feat. Oddisee & Posdanous
Pugs Atomz - Blue Blazer feat. Rashid Hadee

K-Hill "Look What Happens"

NC's still doin' it mayne! K-Hill & K-Slack (formerly of The Thyrday) killin' it.

Look What Happens ft. K-Hill (Prod. by K-Slack)

Beyonce vs. Joe Jonas

This Cannot Be Life

Jay-Z - D.O.A. vs. The Takeover

I liked "DOA" better the 1st time when it was called "The Takeover". To me DOA sounds like a 2nd rate version of the Takeover beat, and the whole attack on auto-tune seems real gimmicky...maybe "DOA" is supposed to be the new "Takeover" for Blue Print 3??? I dunno, you be the judge.


The Takeover

HOOD (V Mix) - Golden Child, Khizman, & Grunge

HOOD (V Mix) ft. Golden Child, Khizman, & Grunge

Ok, Khizman has been handing out some fire fo'de'free on twitter ( lately, add the man and get some free heat!

Suicide Watch(Florida Edition) mixed by DJ Maniac Magee

Download Link:

1. 1800 Suicide (Freestyle)
2.We're Watching You O.N.E. Jones produced by Coolout Chris
3.No Regrets pt.2 f/Lunatic Messiah,Spec Boogie,Dynas prod. by K Hill
4.Bang (Freestyle) K Hill prod. by Khrysis
6.The Greatest f/ Mela Machenko,Dasan Ahanu prod. by Khrysis (*official single from Suicide Music album)
7.Nice (Freestyle) Kap Kallous prod. by 9th Wonder
8.Danger us Red Simpkins f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced by Optiks
9.Don't Have To Stay prod. by Khrysis
10.Jive Turkey Kap Kallous f/L.E.G.A.C.Y.,Hi Jinks produced. by Optiks
11.Life (Roll With it) O.N.E. Jones produced by Fundamental
12.Legendary Logic f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced. by P-Lo
13.Bloody Mary f/Travis Hampton produced by Optiks

The Greatest ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y.,Mela Machinko, & Dasan Ahanu (Prod. by Khrysis)

Tyler Woods & 9th Wonder Mixtape - The RnB Sensation

The Mp3s aren't separated so I cant post a sample track, but if you like 9th, you're gonna want to hear this mixtape.

Mixtape Link:

In Your Hands ft. Mallz (Prod. by The Jake)

In Your Hands ft. Mallz (Prod. by The Jake)

It's The Jake & Mallz!

Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia

Picked this game up to play again, IT IS A BASTARD. It's ridiculously tough, I'm not gonna lie, I had to grab a walkthrough to figure out how to beat several of the bosses so far. I haven't played it in a couple months, but decided to give it another go. It is a very beautiful game tho, and even tho it is super hard, the gameplay is pretty good. The story is kind of meh, but I don't expect too much story-wise from castlevania.

Green Lantern:Rebirth

Taken from Wikipeda:
Green Lantern: Rebirth was a six-issue monthly American comic book limited series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver. Published by DC Comics between October 2004 and May 2005, the series featured characters from throughout the sixty year history of Green Lantern comics.

The storyline follows the "rebirth" of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan as he overcomes fear itself in the form of the cosmic entity Parallax. The series starred various members of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, including Alan Scott, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner. It revived elements of the Green Lantern mythos including the Guardians of the Universe, Kilowog and the villain Sinestro, while introducing new concepts such as the emotional spectrum.

Rebirth is the first part of a trilogy in the Green Lantern storyline, with 2007's "Sinestro Corps War", which was produced by Johns, Ivan Reis and Van Sciver, as the second part. Blackest Night, whose foundations are laid in the conclusion of "Sinestro Corps War", is the third and final part and will be released in 2009.

TOTALLY been geeking out this past week. This was my 1st time venturing into DC comics, and i must say, this ish was AWESOME. The whole Green Lantern concept is pretty effing sweet, and I would recommend checking this out to anyone that has a mild interest in comics.

High Point: Hal Jordan clocking Batman in the teeth ala Chucky Ham's K.O. chick

Low Point: Queer group chant by the Green Lantern Corp. VERY DC & VERY queer.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

Braille - Thinking Shoes (Prod. by Kid Hum)

Braille - Thinking Shoes (Prod. by Kid Hum)

Braille fans rejoice

Here's the final leak before Offshore Drilling ( drops this coming Monday, and it's a dope one. We were lucky enough to score a track from Braille, and it came out as dope as you'd expect it to, coming from an artist of his caliber. Check it out:

Braille "Thinking Shoes" (prod. by Kid Hum)

Big Remo - Handle My Biz (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Got this in the inbox a couple days ago. Big Remo is dope.

Big Remo - Handle My Biz (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Rapsody - Honda Accord Music (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

ohhh, i'm late with this! Rapsody is my favorite female mc out right now, actually you could probably even leave the "female" part out, she's straight dope...I was going to post this with the interlude we did for my 1st ep called "mr. merchant man" but I can't find it right now :(. but yeah, Rapsody x 9th Wondrah is never wrong

Honda Accord Music ft. Rapsody (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Man Made ft. Anthony Phoenix & Bashwon

More goodies in the inbox this morning. Bashwon is quickly becoming one of my favorite mc's.

New Cam'Ron - Cookin' Up

He makes no sense, but I'm glad he's back!

The Away Team

The Away Team And Nervous Reck present....

Whats good people, During 2006 myself(Sean Boog) Khrysis and Nervous Reck (Bomm Sheltuh) recorded a slew of songs and put together an album called The Warm Up ( shout out to the homie J Cole). Originally we were going to release it before we even recorded Training Day … but with out going into detail we ended up doing Training Day. For the last few years we debated what to do with this album. So finally since we think the music is far to good to go to waste and to give the fans some dope shit to listen to, we are giving it to everybody for free download. Pass the word on!!!!


01. The Warm Up (Produced by: Khrysis)
02. Look At Me (Produced by: Khrysis)
03. Wise Cracks (Produced by: Khrysis)
04. Smiley Face (Produced by: Khrysis)
05. Champion (Produced by: Khrysis)
06. Can You Blame Me (Produced by: J. Cole)
07. Girl (Oh!) featuring Chedda Chapp (Produced by: Khrysis)
08. Turn It Up featuring Sean Price (Produced by: Khrysis)
09. Vice Gripz (Produced by: Erv Ford)
10. Tortureous featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. (Produced by: Khrysis)
11. License To Thrill (Interlude)
12. Original Sin (Produced by: Nervous Reck)
13. Nothing Comes Easy featuring Chedda Chapp (Produced by: Khrysis)
14. Home Alone featuring Quianna (Produced by: Khrysis)
15. U Fell Off! (Produced by: Bobwire)
16. Get That Doe (Produced by: Khrysis)
17. We Got It (The Best Out) Bonus Track (Produced by: Khrysis)

Sean Boog “Happy Days” coming winter 09
Khrysis “In The Hour Of Khrysis” coming 09

Ballin' on a budget - I Need New Shoes

I ripped 2 holes into my current gym they're already 2 years old. I need new shoes and I need to keep the price under 80 bucks. These 4 are my choices so far, any other suggestions? what are you currently wearing?

No Denyin' ft. David Banner (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

No Denyin' ft. David Banner (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

No Denyin' Instrumental

this shit ain't super great, but it's making me hope for a banner x 9th cd...what do you think?

Big Remo x David Banner x 9th Wonder = Crack Sandwich

2 underrated mc's & 9th's signature NEED to be following De Blog Jam on youtube, it's really not a choice, do it or die. peace.

*Throw Back Joint* Simply Red ft. The Fugees - Angel

Simply Red's weird/scalabrine lookin' a** could saannng

Twice - 7 Cities Mixtape

Twice is super nice, get familiar!

Headz Up ft. Khizman (DMP) w/Big Pooh Drop

DL Link:

Dj Premier

So last night I "slittered" ((c) myself with a comment I made about the God, Dj Premier. This post is sort of an apology for all the people who I upset with my careless comment. lol

*at any given moment in time, you could play a Dj Premier track & I guarantee you it'll be better than whatever your favorite song is.

MOP - On The Front Line! (Prod. By Dj Premier)

Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuthin' Changed (Prod. By Dj Premier)

Xzibit - What A Mess (Prod. By Dj Premier)

yU - Gatdamn!

ok, we all know that The Diamond District's "In The Ruff" was redic, well here's group member yU's free LP...MC/Producing at it's finest...again, thanks DMV for all that quality

Taken from
yU - Before Taxes [Free LP]

Posted by Shamz on Apr 20, 2009

I once again strongly urge y'all to download Diamond District's LP (peep the OKP review as well). We gave you a couple songs from DD member yU's album on Friday. Courtesy of Fresh Selects we get the full album, Before Taxes, for free download. Follow me after the jump for some of that DMV fire.

>>>Download: yU - Before Taxes

1. Before Taxes Intro (prod. Slimkat78)
2. Beats&Rhymes From March 25 (Kick Styles) (prod. yU)
3. Almost Time (prod. Kev Brown)
4. Thought About It (prod. yU)
5. BreakDown (feat. & prod. Bilal Salaam)
6. Corners (feat. I.Q.) (prod. yU)
7. The Up & Up (prod. Slimkat78)
8. Close (feat. Isabella Banneker) (prod. Slimkat78)
9. Fine (prod. yU)
10. Lunchin� (prod. Oddisee)
11. Native (prod. Slimkat78 & yU)
12. Memory (feat. ERK) (prod. yU)
13. The Rock (prod. Slimkat78)
14. InTheReign (feat. I.Q. & Omun) (prod. yU)
15. MmHmm (instr) (prod. yU)
16. Brainwash (feat. Grap Luva, Finale & OP Swamp 81) (prod. Slimkat78)

9th's Nas Beat

i dunno, he might be feeling himself too much for this one, let me know...

Itunes Price Changes :S

I'm still not sure what the record labels are hoping will happen with this price increase...maybe they're trying to increase the sales of entire albums??? but people really aren't making GREAT albums anymore...I don't know, I'm not a fan of this initial price increase, but we'll see what happens.

Here's an article about early results of the price changes:

taken from: /16/itunes_price_changes_deliver_mixed_results.html

iTunes price changes deliver mixed results

By Katie Marsal
Published: 02:00 PM EST

Related AppleInsider articles:
* Easter delivers first signs of iPod growth...
* Price hike hits Apple's iTunes Store
* Labels making specific demands in latest...
* Apple in talks to offer more DRM-free tracks...
* iPod on long road downhill as iPhone halo...

Price increases that took effect on Apple's iTunes Store last week reportedly hurt unit sales of some of the most popular songs but ultimately managed to drive marginal increases in overall revenues for the digital download service.

For example, the 33 songs on the iTunes top 100 seller list that saw their price increase from 99 cents to $1.25 sold an average of 12.5 fewer units last week than the week before, according to an analysis conducted by Billboard [PDF], which has long served as a barometer for U.S. music sales. Meanwhile, the 67 songs in the list that remained at 99 cents saw an average unit sale increase just shy of 10 percent.

When grouped together, the 100 songs in the top seller list saw unit sales dip only half of a percent from 4.64 million units the week before the hikes to 4.62 million the week after. But with many of those tracks priced 30 percent higher, Apple actually witnessed an increase in iTunes revenues for the week.

Billboard in its report does not pinpoint this actual sales increase however, and it's not clear how precise the publication's estimates are. Instead, it presents a couple of theoretical scenarios, mainly because iTunes doesn't monopolize the digital music business entirely, leaving the possibility that some customers may have chosen to purchase some of their songs last week from an alternative service that didn't raise its prices.

For instance, if every other service raised their prices to mirror Apple's across the board, songs in the iTunes top 100 list would have generated 11.8 percent higher revenues due to lesser fluctuation in consumers' purchasing patterns. However, if other stores didn't instate the same increase, revenues from those same songs would brought in only 9.5 percent higher revenues, assuming iTunes' share of the market is 80 percent.

In the hours following the iTunes price increase, several other digital download stores -- such as Wal-Mart and Amazon MP3 -- did indeed reflect price increases themselves, but not to the same degree as iTunes. For example, 6 of the top 10 and 29 of the top 100 songs on iTunes saw their price increase to $1.29 last Tuesday, but none of the top 10 singles and only 10 of the top 100 songs reflected price inflation over 99 cents over at Amazon.

Still, a single week's worth of data isn't conclusive enough to gauge the impact of the price changes due to a number of other unrelated variables, such as the release timing of certain singles. Billboard notes that if the "expected second-week drop of Black Eyed Peas' 'Boom Pow Pow' is taken out of the calculations, the 33 songs [in the top 100] priced at $1.29 sold only 6.9 percent fewer units" compared to 12.9 percent fewer units.

Meanwhile, a few popular single tracks with fewer expected week-to-week fluctuations did show some adverse affects following the price changes, such as Akon's "Beautiful," which saw sales slide more than 8 percent compared to a 1.5 percent dip the week earlier. On the other hand, sales of Akon's entire album "Freedom" -- still priced at $8.99 and representing a better deal given that 3 of the 4 songs fetch $1.29 by themselves -- rose 18 percent.

Diablo Archer Presents...LIFT 4/21/09

Ah! My first promo copy and album review...I've been following Diablo Archer for a few years now. His first album "A Day That Ends In Y" was the shit, and I've been checking for new D.A. material ever since. "Lift" is the follow up to "Icarus Complex", which was also hot.

Both singles of this joint, "everyday hero" & "super ordinary" both have that classic NC sound, started by 9th. Not all the beats on this joint are that typical NC sound tho, you can tell that he decided to stray a bit from the type of beats that he typical picks...I can't say that i'm a fan of every beat on this project, but it's worth a listen based on Diablo Archer's rhymes and story telling ability. He's definitely one of my favorites out.

*Stand-out Tracks: "Motion", "The Fall (Autumn), "Everyday Hero"

Rhymes: 4 out of 5
Beats: 3 out of 5

Track Listing:
1. Kisses In The Rain (intro) - J Manifest Wiggins
2. The Plow ft. K-Hill - Rockwell
3. Motion - Rockwell
4. Everyday Hero - E.Haywood
5. Looking Down - ADot McCray
6. Icarus - J Manifest Wiggins
7. The Pant - Rob MOnster
8. Morning Coffee - MIDIMarc
9. Blue - Obsidian Blue
10. The Fall - ADot McCray
11. Stir of Echoes - The Jake
12. Royal Flush - ADot McCray
13. Super Ordinary - Blunt

My Favorite Track:
The Fall (Autumn) Produced by: ADot McCray

The Gold Room Review

Spitten King: Gold Room EP
By Shea Serrano
Published on March 31, 2009 at 1:55pm

Spitten King, Gold Room EP

Houston's Scottie Spitten is a very talented, very creative MC. He flaunts a monochromatic yet sporadic flow, recognized most often by whichever of producer King Midas's soul samples any given track lionizes, and Spitten's subtle punch lines. ("Charlie Brown, niggas, I'm like 'Good Grief.'") He first publicized his talents in 2007 with his shining contributions on Hueston Independent Spit District's The District, an impressive feat given that album's overall high quality. Now he's succumbed to his listeners' demands (sort of) and offered up five-song EP Gold Room, which is at times great — Spitten is clearly at his best on slower-paced tracks like "Piano Maze" and "Gold Room." His involved, meta wordplay can require some patience to fully appreciate — the mere 50 seconds of Duran ­Duran-sampling (!) "I'm On Fire" requires multiple listens to genuinely comprehend everything. Spitten has shown that, when uninhibited, he can write more substance into 16 bars than most MCs can in an entire song, so any misstep is magnified. ("Heavy is the head that wears the crown," or something like that.) But mind you, the fact that the chief knock against this EP is that Spitten is only great "at times" is like complaining that Yao Ming is only 7'6". Download Gold Room, then wait for Spitten's full-length album later this year.

snagged from:

New Diablo Archer - Everyday Hero/Super Ordinary

(Rocky Mount, NC; March 31, 2009): Devil's Advocate Music announced today the April 21st release of Diablo Archer’s LIFT: The Rise and Fall of Diablo Archer. At press time, the 13 track project is slated to be available through several online retailers, including iTunes, Rhapsody, and emusic, as well as several independent music stores.

"It’s so fly it’s flight” explains Diablo Archer, “Icarus Complex was the foreword, but LIFT really fleshes out the story.” LIFT features production from J Manifest Wiggins (ME Music Works), MIDIMarc (Angry Chimp Music Group), A Dot McCray, The Jake, Rob Monster, Blunt, and Rockwell.

Diablo Archer, who most recently released part one of his Icarus Series, Icarus Complex, opted for only one guest appearance on LIFT, a verse from rapper K-Hill (Kick-a-Verse Media Group). Archer says of the decision, “The project was crafted as a continuous listening experience, and I didn’t want to interrupt that.”

Devil’s Advocate Music, established in 2004, is an independent imprint with a passion for truth in music. With four extremely well-received releases to its credit, the company’s continuing mission is to release quality material to a deserving consumer base.

Diablo Archer's
LIFT: The Rise and Fall of Diablo Archer

01) Kisses in the Rain (Intro) (J Manifest Wiggins)
02) The Plow feat. K-Hill (Rockwell)
03) Motion (Rockwell)
04) Everyday Hero (E Haywood) *
05) Looking Down (A Dot McCray)
06) Icarus (Manifest)
07) The Pant (Rob Monster)

08) Morning Coffee (MIDIMarc)

09) Blue (Obsidian Blue)

10) The Fall (Autumn) (A Dot McCray)

11) Stir of Echoes (The Jake)

12) Royal Flush (A Dot McCray)

13) Super Ordinary (Blunt)

* Single

Everyday Hero ft. Diablo Archer

Super Ordinary ft. Diablo Archer

The Oooh (Interlude)/The Oooh (Instrumental) ft. Diablo Archer

Download link:

Rsonist & Ameer Interview

Exclusive on

Lenny S., Maya the B., and Big Lite interview Rsonist and Ameer (Heatmakerz Crash Crew) on ROCK ME TV! Watch Now!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (The Freestyle)

Tanya Morgan - Brooklynatti @ SXSW

Tanya Morgan performing cuts from "Brooklynatti" live @ SXSW

I can't WAIT for this, this sounds like it's going to be crazzzyyyyy!

Download Link:

New Median

Median was one of the first well recognized rappers I ever worked with, & at the time he was my favorite rapper out. I prefer him on something a little tougher than this joint, but still dope...& you can't hate on Lucy Pearl references.

Zone To Da Nightlife ft. Median Produced By: J.R. & PH7

Brokn.Englsh x Rewmec x Deal The Villain

This is one of the first tracks from the Elite Assembly also known as EA or The Elite. EA = Deal The Villain, Rewmec, Premium The Delegate (, PreZZure ( and Brokn.Englsh... Check for more from the crew coming soon....

Ohh btw, it's rumored that B.E. is gonna be in The DMV from Apr.24th-26th... lemme know what's going on down there during that time.

Lemme know what you guys think of the track...& hopefully we've got a Brokn.Englsh x 8thw1 x D.Rose track coming in the future ;)

Caveman Boogie ft. Elite Assembly (Brokn.Englsh x Rewmec x Deal The Villain)

Jermiside Remix Contest

The man, Jermiside is having a remix contest over at:
Producers/Beatmakers get on it!

Crisis Time (The Time Is The Jake Remix)

Laura's Song Maxi Single Coming Soon

Stolen From Donwill's Blog:

Laura’s Song Maxi Single coming soon…

* March 25, 2009 – 12:29 am
* Posted in donwill
* Tagged aeon, donwill, itunes, brickbeats, astronote, lauras song

Don Cusack in High Resolution Jpeg Imagery

dont think we have abandoned your ears. we have been working *OVERTIME* prepping a digital release for the Laura’s Song maxi single…

this means that while i shoulda been catchin my homies performing i was doing photoshoots for coverart. yes this probably shoulda been available for sale when the video dropped but in all honesty i had NO idea so many of you were payin attention to us over here at Tanya Morgan Inc. but its definitely good to know you are, especially with Brooklynati about a month away.

so in a short period of time expect to be able to run on over to iTunes and purchase Laura’s song, 2 remixes (Aeon & Brickbeats), the main instrumental, the music video, remix to a song and from the forthcoming album and a .pdf booklet! dont worry you know we will keep that price point low for you but the quality will be high! i JUST got done quality checking the masters and be glad i didnt leak the mp3 cus the itunes version will blow that out of the water!

release date coming soon… but not sooner than brooklynati!

New K-Hill Music Video In The Works

Everybody please come out to support my video shoot for my upcoming single "I'm Gonna Make It"!


Performance includes a live band that will be playing other genres as well. DJ Resident on the wheels of steel w/ special guest, Diablo Archer!

Showtime begins at 9:00pm. Ends at 12:00am. Come out in your freshest apparel. Expect to entertained........and oh yeah.

NO COVER CHARGE!!!!!!! Spread the word.


HISD live @ SXSW

HISD Live in Austin, SXSW 2009 (Partial) from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.

Intro and "Never Die"
March 20, 2009
Waxpoetics Showcase
Red Scoot Inn
Austin, TX

Thanks to Scottie Spitten of HISD for the video!

The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Taken from Wikipedia:

Plot summary
See also: List of Genshiken chapters

Genshiken follows the lives of a group of college students drawn together by their shared hobbies, and the trials and adventures associated with being otaku. The story begins with the introduction of Kanji Sasahara, a shy, confidence-lacking freshman who on club day at university, decides to join a club he would actually enjoy, Genshiken. Over his four years at Shiiou University, Sasahara comes to accept himself for who he is and loses the inhibitions and guilt he once felt and associated with otaku culture, becoming an enthusiastic clubmember, and for a time, a capable club president. As the story of Genshiken progresses, focus is also placed on Saki Kasukabe, a determined non-otaku who initially struggles to drag her boyfriend out of the club, and Chika Ogiue, a self-professed otaku-hater who feels a deep-seated shame and self-loathing toward her own interests and hobbies.

During the course of the series, the reader bears witness as the group grows in its cohesiveness over time, and bonds form between the characters as they begin to see themselves as more than fellow club members, but friends as well. In this context, club activities such as group outings, the biannual pilgrimage to Comifes, and even simply hanging out in the clubroom, allow the characters' complex relationships to grow into friendship, infatuation, and at times, even love. While a few of them never quite see eye-to-eye about their interests or the lives they lead, they are held together by the bonds of friendship that they share.

I'm not a HUGE fan of anime & manga, but being japanese, i'm naturally drawn to some of this ish. This is one of the best manga's i've ever read and the anime for it is even better.

If you fit into the fan-boy category, I'd definitely suggest checking this out, just to see how the other side does it. I lived in Japan for about 6 years and this manga is very realistic.

Here's the opening sequence for the Genshiken anime:

Best Album I've Bought In 10 Years

Evidence has got to be one of the most slept on rappers EVER. Top to bottom this album is incredible. You love hip hop, you need to have this in your collection. Decon records is doing they ting.

"Home of The Heatmakerz"

The Heatmakerz presents "CRASH" New Video/1st Street Single - "Home Of The Heatmakerz"

New York, NY, March 20, 2009 - Architects of the post-millennium New York City Hip Hop sound, The Heatmakerz presents The CRASH Project and their debut their newly founded label Heatmakerz Records street single and video for “Home Of The Heatmakerz”.

Featuring such diverse talent as Ameer, Karty, Chris Live, and Dox. Rsonist (1/2 of the multi-platinum producers The Heatmakerz) has assembled this collective with every intention of reintroducing the world to truly powerful music and redefining a genre in the process.

Directed by international visual virtuoso Parris Stewart (Goreela Entertainment), “Home Of The Heatmakerz” combines the grittiness of black-and-white photography with expert cinematography to provide the viewer with a raw glimpse of the CRASH movement. This is just the beginning! Continue to look out for more music and videos from The Heatmakerz CRASH project.

Watch Video on Youtube Here:

About Heatmakerz Records

The Heatmakerz hail from the Bronx, New York and can be counted amongst a handful of producers who have crafted the sound of hip-hop in the new millennium. Producing tracks for artists such as Diplomats (Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, J.R. Writer), Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Fat Joe, Ludacris, and many more. The Heatmakerz have production credits on albums selling in excess of 10 million units. Known for their hard-hitting drums, powerful base lines and strong hi-hats, The Heatmakerz laid the foundation for an entire sub-genre of New York rap.

Rsonist is currently working on The Crash Project debuting on the new label, Heatmakerz Records. When not in the studio working on the new label, he is producing tracks for a wide array of artists. Rsonist is also in the process of submitting tracks for Lil Wayne's The Carter 4, and Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3.0. Due to the great business savvy and work ethic expect some big placements in 2009 for The Heatmakerz.

For additional information visit the following websites:

"Home of the Heatmakerz" Video Download Link:

"Home of the Heatmakerz" Song Download

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Any book that is about to become a movie, I must I finally gave into the pressure and ordered this over Only a few pages in, but I'm already enjoying it.

Nabbed this article from:

Why Playing Scott Pilgrim Might Save Michael Cera's Career

3/19/08 at 10:45 AM


Photo: Getty Images

Like everyone else between the ages of 18 and 35, we are not immune to the charms of Michael Cera. His halting delivery, his bashful good humor, his short shorts, his self-deprecation; we find the whole package just as charming as you do. Nonetheless, we were starting to get a little worried about Cera recently. He plays the stunted boy-man so well; would he ever be able to play anything else? Or is he doomed to a career of diminishing returns, playing high schoolers well into his forties?

That's why we're so glad that Cera is in talks to play the hero of Bryan Lee O'Malley's pop-manga series, Scott Pilgrim.

It's not that Scott Pilgrim is an enormous departure from the characters Cera's been playing. He's not, like, a rogue cop tracking a killer through the mean streets of San Luis Obispo. But he is a character who will make Cera take his trademark acting style somewhere new, and for the first time suggests a credible adult version of Michael Cera.

Scott Pilgrim in action.Courtesy of Bryan Lee O'Malley and Oni Press

Scott Pilgrim, as written by O'Malley, is no wallflower. Instead he's a sweet but headstrong alpha doofus, a guy given to pronouncements of his own awesomeness, long bass solos, clueless declarations of desire, and ridiculous emotional self-torture. Which is to say, he's big in a way that Cera hasn't been forced to play before.

For example, we're excited to see Cera confidently juggling two girls, not haltingly trying to talk to one. We're excited to see Cera rocking out — not strumming Moldy Peaches songs on acoustic guitar but shouting "We are Sex Bob-omb!" and launching into loud incompetent indie rock. And we're very excited to see Cera in apocalyptic fight scenes with Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends.

Our hope is that, just as the Scott Pilgrim comics transform Scott from emotionally stunted kid to … well … slightly less emotionally stunted grown-up, so will the Scott Pilgrim movie transform Michael Cera from the awkward gangly teen he's been playing so productively for years to the slightly less awkward gangly adult we think he can be.

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Oddisee x Yu x XO = The Diamond District

They say the album format is dead, but Oddisee, Yu, & XO or on some other ish. I'm paying for this.

Who I Be ft. The Diamond District

Official Website of The Diamond District:

Holy eff, i'm ready for this.

Song Oh' The Moment

OhSoSpectacular & I met about 4 or 5 years ago. He taught me all the basics to this beat-making thing & is still a personal favorite.

This is one of my favorite tracks he's ever done.

Make A Way Ft. Peso

Pick up the whole tape @:

Two of My Favorite Artists

PPT x Strange Fruit Project = Awesomeness

This was probably the first time I'd heard of PPT and was immediately won over. You will love it too. You will also love PPT member Pikahsso Allen Poe's blog

Check out the album "Tres Monos In Love" on itunes.

& Check out Pikahsso Allen Poe, Creator of "Fat Albert In Da Hood" on twitter @

Random Saturday Vol. 1

Random Saturday Vol. 1 from TheJakeMusic on Vimeo.

This is how I roll

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