Laura's Song Maxi Single Coming Soon

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Laura’s Song Maxi Single coming soon…

* March 25, 2009 – 12:29 am
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Don Cusack in High Resolution Jpeg Imagery

dont think we have abandoned your ears. we have been working *OVERTIME* prepping a digital release for the Laura’s Song maxi single…

this means that while i shoulda been catchin my homies performing i was doing photoshoots for coverart. yes this probably shoulda been available for sale when the video dropped but in all honesty i had NO idea so many of you were payin attention to us over here at Tanya Morgan Inc. but its definitely good to know you are, especially with Brooklynati about a month away.

so in a short period of time expect to be able to run on over to iTunes and purchase Laura’s song, 2 remixes (Aeon & Brickbeats), the main instrumental, the music video, remix to a song and from the forthcoming album and a .pdf booklet! dont worry you know we will keep that price point low for you but the quality will be high! i JUST got done quality checking the masters and be glad i didnt leak the mp3 cus the itunes version will blow that out of the water!

release date coming soon… but not sooner than brooklynati!

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