Tyler Woods & 9th Wonder Mixtape - The RnB Sensation

The Mp3s aren't separated so I cant post a sample track, but if you like 9th, you're gonna want to hear this mixtape.

Mixtape Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/urhwez

In Your Hands ft. Mallz (Prod. by The Jake)

In Your Hands ft. Mallz (Prod. by The Jake)

It's The Jake & Mallz!

Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia

Picked this game up to play again, IT IS A BASTARD. It's ridiculously tough, I'm not gonna lie, I had to grab a walkthrough to figure out how to beat several of the bosses so far. I haven't played it in a couple months, but decided to give it another go. It is a very beautiful game tho, and even tho it is super hard, the gameplay is pretty good. The story is kind of meh, but I don't expect too much story-wise from castlevania.

Green Lantern:Rebirth

Taken from Wikipeda:
Green Lantern: Rebirth was a six-issue monthly American comic book limited series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver. Published by DC Comics between October 2004 and May 2005, the series featured characters from throughout the sixty year history of Green Lantern comics.

The storyline follows the "rebirth" of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan as he overcomes fear itself in the form of the cosmic entity Parallax. The series starred various members of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, including Alan Scott, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner. It revived elements of the Green Lantern mythos including the Guardians of the Universe, Kilowog and the villain Sinestro, while introducing new concepts such as the emotional spectrum.

Rebirth is the first part of a trilogy in the Green Lantern storyline, with 2007's "Sinestro Corps War", which was produced by Johns, Ivan Reis and Van Sciver, as the second part. Blackest Night, whose foundations are laid in the conclusion of "Sinestro Corps War", is the third and final part and will be released in 2009.

TOTALLY been geeking out this past week. This was my 1st time venturing into DC comics, and i must say, this ish was AWESOME. The whole Green Lantern concept is pretty effing sweet, and I would recommend checking this out to anyone that has a mild interest in comics.

High Point: Hal Jordan clocking Batman in the teeth ala Chucky Ham's K.O. chick

Low Point: Queer group chant by the Green Lantern Corp. VERY DC & VERY queer.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

Braille - Thinking Shoes (Prod. by Kid Hum)

Braille - Thinking Shoes (Prod. by Kid Hum)

Braille fans rejoice

From: www.rockthedub.com
Here's the final leak before Offshore Drilling (http://www.rockthedub.com/2009/04/preview-kid-hum-x-rtd-offshore-drilling.html) drops this coming Monday, and it's a dope one. We were lucky enough to score a track from Braille, and it came out as dope as you'd expect it to, coming from an artist of his caliber. Check it out:

Braille "Thinking Shoes" (prod. by Kid Hum)


Big Remo - Handle My Biz (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Got this in the inbox a couple days ago. Big Remo is dope.

Big Remo - Handle My Biz (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Rapsody - Honda Accord Music (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

ohhh, i'm late with this! Rapsody is my favorite female mc out right now, actually you could probably even leave the "female" part out, she's straight dope...I was going to post this with the interlude we did for my 1st ep called "mr. merchant man" but I can't find it right now :(. but yeah, Rapsody x 9th Wondrah is never wrong

Honda Accord Music ft. Rapsody (Prod. by 9th Wonder)


Man Made ft. Anthony Phoenix & Bashwon

More goodies in the inbox this morning. Bashwon is quickly becoming one of my favorite mc's.


New Cam'Ron - Cookin' Up

He makes no sense, but I'm glad he's back!

The Away Team

The Away Team And Nervous Reck present....


Whats good people, During 2006 myself(Sean Boog) Khrysis and Nervous Reck (Bomm Sheltuh) recorded a slew of songs and put together an album called The Warm Up ( shout out to the homie J Cole). Originally we were going to release it before we even recorded Training Day … but with out going into detail we ended up doing Training Day. For the last few years we debated what to do with this album. So finally since we think the music is far to good to go to waste and to give the fans some dope shit to listen to, we are giving it to everybody for free download. Pass the word on!!!!


01. The Warm Up (Produced by: Khrysis)
02. Look At Me (Produced by: Khrysis)
03. Wise Cracks (Produced by: Khrysis)
04. Smiley Face (Produced by: Khrysis)
05. Champion (Produced by: Khrysis)
06. Can You Blame Me (Produced by: J. Cole)
07. Girl (Oh!) featuring Chedda Chapp (Produced by: Khrysis)
08. Turn It Up featuring Sean Price (Produced by: Khrysis)
09. Vice Gripz (Produced by: Erv Ford)
10. Tortureous featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. (Produced by: Khrysis)
11. License To Thrill (Interlude)
12. Original Sin (Produced by: Nervous Reck)
13. Nothing Comes Easy featuring Chedda Chapp (Produced by: Khrysis)
14. Home Alone featuring Quianna (Produced by: Khrysis)
15. U Fell Off! (Produced by: Bobwire)
16. Get That Doe (Produced by: Khrysis)
17. We Got It (The Best Out) Bonus Track (Produced by: Khrysis)

Sean Boog “Happy Days” coming winter 09
Khrysis “In The Hour Of Khrysis” coming 09