Diablo Archer Presents...LIFT 4/21/09

Ah! My first promo copy and album review...I've been following Diablo Archer for a few years now. His first album "A Day That Ends In Y" was the shit, and I've been checking for new D.A. material ever since. "Lift" is the follow up to "Icarus Complex", which was also hot.

Both singles of this joint, "everyday hero" & "super ordinary" both have that classic NC sound, started by 9th. Not all the beats on this joint are that typical NC sound tho, you can tell that he decided to stray a bit from the type of beats that he typical picks...I can't say that i'm a fan of every beat on this project, but it's worth a listen based on Diablo Archer's rhymes and story telling ability. He's definitely one of my favorites out.

*Stand-out Tracks: "Motion", "The Fall (Autumn), "Everyday Hero"

Rhymes: 4 out of 5
Beats: 3 out of 5

Track Listing:
1. Kisses In The Rain (intro) - J Manifest Wiggins
2. The Plow ft. K-Hill - Rockwell
3. Motion - Rockwell
4. Everyday Hero - E.Haywood
5. Looking Down - ADot McCray
6. Icarus - J Manifest Wiggins
7. The Pant - Rob MOnster
8. Morning Coffee - MIDIMarc
9. Blue - Obsidian Blue
10. The Fall - ADot McCray
11. Stir of Echoes - The Jake
12. Royal Flush - ADot McCray
13. Super Ordinary - Blunt

My Favorite Track:
The Fall (Autumn) Produced by: ADot McCray

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