Brokn.Englsh x Rewmec x Deal The Villain

This is one of the first tracks from the Elite Assembly also known as EA or The Elite. EA = Deal The Villain, Rewmec, Premium The Delegate (, PreZZure ( and Brokn.Englsh... Check for more from the crew coming soon....

Ohh btw, it's rumored that B.E. is gonna be in The DMV from Apr.24th-26th... lemme know what's going on down there during that time.

Lemme know what you guys think of the track...& hopefully we've got a Brokn.Englsh x 8thw1 x D.Rose track coming in the future ;)

Caveman Boogie ft. Elite Assembly (Brokn.Englsh x Rewmec x Deal The Villain)

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