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Diablo Archer - I FLY

Every Day Hero (First In Flight Remix) ft. Median, Diablo Archer, K-Hill, EA Floe, & Dasan Ahanu

(Rocky Mount, NC; February 1, 2010): Devil's Advocate Music announced today the February 1st release of Diablo Archer’s I FLY ARCHER. At press time, the 14 track promotional project is slated to be available through several blog sites, including Diablo Archer's own I FLY ARCHER blog (

"It’s more like an audio documentary than a mixtape” explains Diablo Archer, “I've seen a lot while promoting LIFT, and I wanted to somehow capture the experience with a raw, unedited approach." I FLY ARCHER features guest appearances from MEDIAN (Justus League/Halftooth Records), K-Hill (Kick-A-Verse Media Group), Dasan Ahanu (Amp Truth Records), Edgar Allen Floe (Justus League/MCEO Records), Rashid Hadee, Mic Source, Nemesis, Devil's Advocate's own Rushmoore, and RnB songstress Keisha Shontelle.

Diablo Archer, who most recently released part two of his Icarus Series, LIFT, is currently working on the final installment. Archer says of the decision to make I FLY ARCHER a free download, “In a time when a lot of camps flood the net with free music because they have to, it's nice to be able to give away something of quality because we want to.”

Devil’s Advocate Music, established in 2004, is an independent imprint with a passion for truth in music. With four extremely well-received releases to its credit, the company’s continuing mission is to release quality material to a deserving consumer base.

Diablo Archer's
I FLY ARCHER: The View from My Window

01) Boarding Pass (Freestyle) (Domingo)
02) Flying Lessons (Antone PBC)
03) Everyday Hero (Intro) (E. Haywood)
04) Everyday Hero (First in Flight Remix) feat MEDIAN, KHill, Dasan Ahanu, and EAF (E Haywood) *
05) Back in the Building (Freestyle)(DOX One)
06) Backpack Strapped (Freestyle)
07) The Essence feat Rashid Hadee, KHill, Mic Source, and Keisha Shontelle (The Jake)

08) Wanna Beat, Got-A-Flow (Freestyle)(Mr. Wannabeat)

09) Magic Carpet Ride (Freestyle)

10) The Pant (Rob Monster)

11) Hot Thing Remix (Freestyle)

12) Good Life feat Nemesis (Tobias)

13) Mirror Music feat Rushmoore (Nic and Jaq Beat Dreams)

14) Jetlag (E. Haywood)

Deal The Villain - EPic

This Ain't Love Video

This Ain't (Love) from Deal The Villain on Vimeo.

RTD Records Presents Deal - The Villain "EPic"
Deal - The Villain "EPic" will be released on 2/2/2010 digitally on RTD Records.

PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 29, 2010 – On February 2nd, 2010, Deal - The Villain of the Elite Assembly crew will be releasing his debut, "EPic", on's RTD Records!

Hailing from New Jersey, DTV has been producing and rhyming for many years. His work with artists like Daniel Joseph, Brokn.Englsh, St. Joe Louis and the entire Elite Assembly have gotten praise on numerous websites and blogs, including 2dopeboyz, Wake Your Daughter Up and many more. With "EPic", Deal expresses both sides of his creative wizardry - you get the intense, stream-of-consciousness flows, full of numerous references to movies, TV, classic fashion and many other points, helping accentuate his real life tales and thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of change.

This is about revolution: we've already heard what the old guard is serving us. While everyone screams "change', no one is picking up a shovel and burying the old ways. With a solid nod to the golden age of quality Hip-Hop, Deal is making his own way, not trying to compromise to any preconceived notions of what Hip-Hop should be - he's delivering quality music to the masses, the same way he's done it since day one. We're establishing the foundation right now, this is far from the end - only the very beginning of the revolution.

Move with us or we move over you. Deal with it. EPic. |

Links to purchase:

Blu & Exile "Below The Heavens" 5 bucks on Amazon Mp3s!

Blu & Exile - My World Is

Classic Album! Downloadable for only 5 bucks on!

Top 5 Albums of '09

Kid Cudi - Man In The Moon

Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall

Finale - A Pipe Dream & A Promise

Finale - Heat

Dynas - The Apartment LP

Dynas - Crown Royal

Diamond District - Diamond In The Ruff

Diamond District - First Time

Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement

Mayer Hawthorne - Strange Arrangement

MaG - Rich & Famous Remix ft. 6th Sense, Zach Berkman, & Kil Ripkin

Love this track, who is this Zach Berkman?

download the free mixtape here:

MaG - Rich & Famous ft. 6th Sense, Zach Berkman, & Kil Ripkin

Khi Kobane - Do My Thing

Deal The Villain sent this to me a couple days ago. Good shit.

Khi Kobane - Do My Thing

Download the whole EP here: